Basic SEO guidelines

October 6, 2010 by: Xavier Perez

1. The internal optimization refers to factors that you can control in your website:

* The text on your website.
* The number of web pages on your website.
* The number of keywords and related keywords in their web pages.
* The links on your web pages to other pages on your site.
* The links on its website to other websites.
* The structure of your website.
* The robots.txt file on your site.
* The HTML code of your web pages.

2. External optimization. The most important external factor are the links to your site:

* The number of backlinks pointing to your website.
* The quality of the backlinks pointing to your website.
* How often your site is marked on the social bookmarking sites.
* How often your site is mentioned on services like Twitter.

Search engines determine the position of your web site search results based on internal and the external factors of your website.

The internal factors that you can do when writing contents, are specified in the 10 basic SEO rules:

1. The web page title should be precise and unique, not more than 50 characters.

2. The contents of a web page must have at least 1 time choice of words in the title, and must be marked with the H1 tag.

3. The internal description of the page (meta description), must “explain better the title, containing the keywords of the most important text of your page contents.

4. Each web page must have no more than 100 links (internal external)

5. All pages of the site should have a clear link to its predecessor (breadcrumb type) so that search engines can develop a web site tree.

6. The contents of a web page must have at least 4 or 5 keywords highlighted (in bold), referring to the title and header description. Other needed bold less important words must to be highlighted with strong or css.

7. Avoid loading javascripts at the beginning of the code, and if it’s possible, place the most important and prominent text as close to the tag ‘<body>’.

8. Make a sitemap.xml and upload it to google webmaster tools, monitoring weekly for indexing and guidelines to follow.

9. Have a monitoring program SEO (type WebCEO) to assess weekly chart of inclusion and exclusion of pages in search engines

10. SEO rules are changing, you should keep in mind that search engines change their rules, internet changes, and must go including the internal tools and / or external power users use (facebook, twitter, etc)

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