July 1st, 2015 by Xavier Perez 
Benchmark trace & log any php, without modifying a single line of code. Usefull to trace access, monitoring run times & ram and debugging params (get / post / argv). This class can log time and resources used during PHP script execution until they exit without having to change the actual script code. It appends to a log file the time a script took execute since the class was loaded, as well...

Data Registry class improvements

July 12th, 2010 by Xavier Perez 
Data Registry have been improved to handle files, as a normal file storage, as a caching system or as a repository space. Now, in examples, all storage vars are saved in files, with TTL. Any class of var can be saved for every user session, but also Data_Registry can save files for all users, not only restricted to every user. Allows to save config files, language translations, core data, mysql results… Take...

New Data_Registry Class

June 1st, 2010 by Xavier Perez 
I have developed a new class to save any kind of data in a php program, and retrieve it in any other php script. The Data_registry class is a singleton class, and all data can have persistence saved in the session files (DB, memcache also). It’s an great improvement over Zend_Registry class, duo to it’s better capabilities. This can help in debugging, tracing code, retrieving errors after...

Codeginiter profiler with FirePHP

March 25th, 2010 by Xavier Perez 
I have added to my own Profiler the hability to display results on Firebug. I have two form of display data: firebar or window.¬† Window display data on a div over the code, allowing to read enterilly all the page, meanehilr firebar¬†display data on the firebug console (must to have instaled firephp ) (more…)