XHMVC Cross Modules for Codeigniter 3.0

July 2, 2015 by: Xavier Perez

Based on Wiredesign HMVC, (Hiererchical Model/View/Contoller), XHMVC allow to have common modules shared betweeen all applications.

All the modules can have all components under only one directory: config, controllers, helpers, languages, libraries, models, views
This allow to re-use a module component in other projects, only with a simple copy/paste !!

Modules can be shared between different applications located under /apps directory, but each application can have it’s own config, using common controllers, models, libraries…etc

And….. it’s fully compatible with Codeigniter 3.0 !!


Download :   https://github.com/XMadMax/Codeginiter-3.0-with-XHMVC

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