Data registry class improvements

September 22, 2010 by: Xavier Perez

More improvements has been added to this class:

Instead of saving data in your session to be retrieved anywhere, I have developed my own registry class (similar to Zend Registry), with more functionalities.

Support for namespaces
Support for persistent namespaces (any data can be collected in any other page during customer navigation)
Support as caching system
Support for saving in session or files
Support for any kind of data (var/array/object/class)
Support flashData (save once, retrieve once)
Support for data compression
Support for data encryption
Support for automatic data deletion on TTL

See demo on :

Download:  DataRegistry

To integrate in Codeiginiter, put Data_Registry.php in your libraries folder, and start to work with it anywhere !!
I will apreciate any suggestion or changes needed !!


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