PHP Scalability – Part2

March 3, 2010 by: Xavier Perez

Apache servers with PHP as a module, expends a lot of memory and resources on each process, and it’s not intended to serve static pages.

Also, PHP cache, as memcached, cacheLite, and other cache systems can be an important aid to lighten apache process, but still are huge.

Here comes APC, an opcode cache, that can be one of the best part of my own tests, achieving a 100% better performance on all the test site.

Tested on various sites, some light, others huge, wordpress installation included, have been a winner in all tests, being a good line to follow.

The next step, have been to install a Zend Server, that includes ZendOptimizer, and other usefull tools all together.

The first conclusion it’s impressive, a process that takes 8Mb of RAM, with Zend Server, only 2Mb of RAM !!!.

Tested on various sites, have decreased RAM in almost 300%, sometimes from 14Mb (WordPress), to 4,5MB.

Next Part:

How Zend Server can be populated and scale our applications.

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