How Zend Server can improve high foot print frameworks

March 22, 2010 by: Xavier Perez

Zend Server (and also Zend Server Comunity Edition), comes with own APC, cache and some more improvements all together, and also two servers: Apache with php as cgi, and a lighthttpd, allowing to server static pages and dinamyc pages separatelly, and decreasing foot print in almost 300%. Frameworks as Zend, with a foot print of 12MB RAM, takes only 4MB RAM served with Zend Server, allowing the system to be more escalable and accepting more requests per second.

It’s not a ‘panacea’, obviously it’s better to desing your framework with low foot print. Zend Server can decrease low foot print frameworks (with 4MB RAM), as los as 800KB RAM per page, but if you have a framework or CMS that are rising system full, would be a great opportunity to breath again and make some considerations and to take time for think about future measures to take.

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