Best PHP framework ?

March 22, 2010 by: Xavier Perez

Which is the best PHP framwework to develop your applications ?

There are a lot of frameworks out there that can do your requeriments without problems, but you must to make another important questions:

  1. How many visitors are expected to have your site ?
  2. How much important it’s the quick development versus maintainability ?
  3. How many developers will work on it ?
  4. What kind of helpers and custom functionality you need ?

1) If your site expects to have high trafic, you need to choice a light framework, with low foot print, because if not,  your site will be more time down than up, and you will loss customer interests. Low foot print means less than 6MB RAM per page. If you waste 10MB RAM per page, you needed total RAM would be more that 1GB RAM to allow 100 concurrent pages !!.

2) Quick develpment time it’s very important, you will have your site running and ready to have page rank in few months, but … how much would costs it ? I have seen many developments made with wordpress, it’s very quick to implements a site with low effort, but haven’t any structure, neither MVC pattern and needs a lot fo time to implements new functionalities. You must to decide if you can be delimited by your own development or you prefer to have less functionality at start or scale it to better approach to your final idea.

3) As many developers works on a site, better structure must to have it. All developers must to know perfectlly where to find functionality, where to find business units, where to find components and be carefully in duplicate content that can make an application hard to mantain. MVC pattern and also HMVC pattern must to be implemented strictlly, assure that every component are unique and all developers uses the same components.

4) It’s preferable that the framework comes with all standard functionality that you need, MVC pattern, multiple database access, string, uri, date and number formatters and helpers, template parser, subtemplate calls, as well as multi language capable (utf8) and multi application capable.

Having all considerations made, you can start to evaluate one by one your desired framework. I have made a list of all the frameworks that can acomplish all requeriments exposed.


Low foot print, easy to expand, quick development from scratch. Good documentation and great comunity. Easy to expand, mods and plugins.


Low foot print (not so as codeigniter), easy to expand, OO 100%, quick development from scratch, easy to mod functionality.


Low foot print(as low as codeigniter), easy to expand, spanish comunity, quick development from scratch, easy to mod.

Othe frameworks out of this list:

CakePHP, Prado, Zend, Solar, takes more than 10MB of RAM for any simple page, not being considered on this analisys.

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