LQueryBU – Light Query Business Units

February 27, 2010 by: Xavier Perez

Many frameworks comes with its CRUD, Scaffolding, AdoDB, but it’s slow in programming it, and hard to mantain. I have developed my own DB class, it isn’t a wrapper, its an interface between Models (MVC concept),  and DB wrappers.

Performs SQL and PHP business units, all together, designed to avoid large DAOs, to increase preformance, better visibility and clarity, and improvement of development time.

The unit files may also contain PHP or SQL actions to execute PRE-QUERY, POST-QUERY and POST-RECORD, and PHP or SQL actions for successfull or unsuccessfull queries.

– Format pre-query variables, as conditions, limit, decoding, etc..
– Format post-query records, encoding, attaching subqueries, attaching functionalities, etc…
– Post query actions, successfull or unsuccessfull, SQL and PHP actions, suporting transactionality
– Autoformatting capabilities, titles, sizes, numbers, dates…

You can download and try, it comes with manual and some examples.

Example of getCities Unit:

Example of easy results formatter:

Download from : LQueryBU in GoogleCode

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